Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is when your website or application is hosted using cloud resources. The advantage of using cloud hosting is that the resources can be scaled to assist your website or application during peak hours
so that your site will continue to perform well during times when they need to be at their peak performance. Resources are normally limited to what is available on the single server where your site is hosted, but cloud hosting is able to pool the resources across a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers.

Cloud Hosting Features:

  • Scalable Resources
  • Website Flexibility
  • Supports SQL & NoSQL
  • Accomodating Bandwidth
  • Automated Solutions
  • Network of Servers
  • Pay For What Is Used

Traditional Hosting:

  • Traffic Limitations
  • Limited Resources
  • Only One Server
  • Manual Upgrades
  • Limited Storage
  • Less Flexibility

Cloud hosting offers faster performance for websites that need scalable resources. It works through a technology that takes a physical server and splits it into multiple virtual machines. This is now considered a cloud server. All of the virtual machines connect together and pool their resources to provide one single
network that is used to host your website and to host the websites of other users within the cloud.

The cloud can accomodate websites that may experience a traffic surge due to big sales events, viral social
media posts, mentions in major news publications, or even when a high-quality blog post is shared. The
traffic won’t overwhelm the server, because the cloud will be able to provide more server resources.

Cloud Hosting Benefits:

  • Always Available
  • Traffic Balancing
  • Stable Performance
  • Better Stability
  • Server Scalability
  • No Limitations

Sites Using The Cloud:

  • Ecommerce Stores
  • Search Engines
  • Social Media
  • New Publications
  • High Traffic Sites
  • Web Applications

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We highly recommend these two cloud host providers. If you expect that your website will experience a traffic surge or the traffic will explode over time, then you should definitely go with cloud hosting. You need to have plenty of storage, ample resources, and optimal performance to support your web site without needing to upgrade your server or moving everything over to another host. Their is nothing worse than getting everything online and ready to accept visitors and then find out that your server won’t be able to provide the resources or processing power that it needs. Go with cloud hosting that best fits your budget. We recommended cloud hosting on VPS for small to medium websites and cloud hosting on a dedicated server for complex websites or website that will receive significant traffic.